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Mission  -

MYA Girls Softball is a non-profit organization committed to providing all girls aged 5-18 who are Merrimack residents with an experience that fosters positive self-esteem, team spirit, and individual growth through personal achievement and as a team member.  MYA Softball is committed to the development of athletic capability and sportsmanship by focusing on teaching the fundamentals of softball in an environment that supports all skill levels in a fun and safe environment.

Rookies-  U6- Birthdays between 1/1/2009- 12/31/2010
Pig Tails- U8- Birthdays between 1/1/2007- 12/31/2008

Minors-U10 -Birthdays between 1/1/2005- 12/31/2006

Majors- U12- Birthdays between 1/1/2003- 12/31/2004

Juniors/Seniors- Birthdays between 1/1/1997- 12/31/2002