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Mandatory Background Checks

New This season-BRL will require all Coaches, Volunteers who have regular contact with children and Board Members to have a criminal back ground check

Babe Ruth League Required Back Ground Checks

1) Why is Babe Ruth League requiring leagues to conduct background checks?

It has become the standard among youth organizations to require volunteers working with children to complete a background check. The purpose of the required background check is to deter individuals who should not be working with young athletes from applying to volunteer. Additionally, it serves to identify any unsuitable criminal history of those individuals who do apply as a volunteer. Babe Ruth League, Inc. cares about the protection of your players and feels confident that through your leadership as League President, as well as that of your local league's Board of Directors, we can achieve our goal of making Babe Ruth League, Inc. the safest program in which our youth can enjoy the great games of baseball and softball.

2) Who is required to complete the background check?

All managers and coaches, as well as any other persons and volunteers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams are required to complete the background check.

3) Should the local league wait until the background screening process has been completed before they submit their charter/insurance application?

No. The appropriate League Officer must sign the statement on the charter/insurance application agreeing to adhere to the regulation requiring volunteer background checks.

4) What type of offenses should the local league screen for when conducting a background check?

Local leagues are conducting a nationwide search that contains the applicable government sex offender registry data. (A check conducted only in one state will not meet the minimum requirements of these regulations.) An individual who has been convicted or plead guilty to charges involving or against a minor, no matter when the offense occurred, must not permitted to work or volunteer. Effective for the 2015 season and beyond, a background check will be valid for a three-year period for any volunteer who successfully passes a nationwide background check.

5) Who in the local league should be responsible for processing the background check information?

Babe Ruth League, Inc. recommends the local league's Board of Directors appoint the League President and two other individuals to handle background checks. These individuals may or may not be members of the local league's Board. For example, the Board of Directors may choose to appoint individuals who have professional experience with conducting and processing background checks, such as law enforcement officers or individuals with a legal background.

6) What if an individual has already been background checked?

The league will be required to conduct their own background check on all volunteers associated with their league, even if they already have been background checked. All leagues will be required to conduct annual background checks on all volunteers associated with their league.

7) What offenses will cause the termination of a current volunteer or rejection of a potential volunteer?

Any background check that reveals a conviction of any crime involving or against, a minor would result in immediate termination from the league or eliminated from consideration for any position.

8) What if the league discovers that an individual has offenses against minors that are pending after, appointment to the local league?

Babe Ruth League would suggest the individual not be appointed or be suspended from his/her current position, pending the outcome of the charge.

9) What if an individual has convictions or other offenses that do not involve minors?

Even though such convictions/offenses do not involve minors, the local league Board of Directors may still deem these individuals as inappropriate and may prohibit them from working as a volunteer within the league.

10) Who should have access to the information found as a result of the background checks?

The local League President should keep each background check data obtained on file for the current year and shall only share personal information contained in the background check with other members of their board of directors in order to make personnel decisions. Once the local league ceases operation for the current season, the League President should dispose of all such records, unless the local league has taken action or the individual is no longer active in the league (active in the league for two years or made a decision based upon the information contained in the records subject to local and state laws).

11) How do volunteers get copies of their background report?

Volunteers may receive a copy of their full report by contacting First Advantage at 678.710.7251. If a negative record is reported on a volunteer's background report, they will automatically receive a copy via U.S. Mail. If a volunteer wants to dispute a criminal record associated with their report, they may call the First Advantage Consumer Disclosure team at 678.710.7251. The local Babe Ruth Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball or Babe Ruth Softball League will supply the volunteer with a copy of the report if they intend to take adverse action based on the information in the background report.

12) What is the time table for completing the background screening process for each volunteer?

The local league must complete the background screening process prior to any individual assuming their duties for the current season.

13) When should leagues begin to conduct background checks on their volunteers?

Local leagues should conduct background checks on all volunteers prior to the applicant assuming their duties for the season. Background checks must be completed on all individuals who have access to, or contact with, players and teams. This includes, but is not limited to, managers, coaches and local league Board Members.

14) Who can coach a team if a screened manager or coach is no longer able to fulfill their duties?

The local league may temporarily assign a Board Member or another screened individual to fill the vacancy until an appointment has been made. Any permanent replacement cannot assume their duty until they have completed a background check. If the replacement manager/coach is only needed for one day, then a background check is not necessary. If the replacement manager/coach is needed for two days or longer, then the person must go through the background check process.