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Board News and Contacts

The MYA Softball Board typically meets once a month on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm at the MYA Building.

Our annual Softball Board election and September monthly meeting is Wednesday 9/5/18 at 7:30pm at the MYA building. Everyone involved with MYA Softball is able to come and vote at the election.
There is still a vacancy for our SENIOR LEAGUE DIRECTOR, please email today for details about this important position. Nominations have been announced and are listed below.  Nominations are also still being accepted, please reply today if you are interested in running or nominating someone for any position:

Treasurer: Cheryl Garrison
Instructional League Director: Chrissy Doubleday
Secretary: David Martineau
Tournament Director: Jose Gonzalez
Majors League Director: Carla Monte
Equipment Manager: John Blades
Umpire-In-Chief: Christine Lyna

Candidates for positions that are opening:
Director: Bob Powers
Fundraising Coordinator: Meghan Powers
Minors League Director: Sean McKenzie
Field Director: Eric Nelson

Vacant seat, nomination needed:
Senior League Director

Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and it is a great way for you to learn first hand what programs are coming up and where your time and talents may help support the program.  

Don't feel you have the time to commit to a Board Position? Attend as a community member and see what the organization's volunteer and program support needs are.  Every helping hand is greatly appreciated!  A little time goes a long way!

Softball Board of Directors 2017-2018




Home Phone

Cell Phone


Program Director

TerryAnn Bowen

(603) 722-9767


Cheryl Garrison

(603) 345-0879

Instructional League Director

Chrissy Doubleday

(603) 820-3340

Minor League Director

Jake Bowen

(603) 785-1338

Major League Director

Carla Monte

Senior League Director

Darren Rolls

(603) 321-6908

Tournament Director

Jose Gonzalez

(603) 424-7237

(603) 440-9309

Equipment Director

John Blades (603) 429-4684


Christine Lyna

(603) 429-0248

Fundraising Director

Kristie Stone

(603) 424-8058

(603) 582-2219


Dave Martineau

Field Development

Bob Powers